If I Ruled The World English Gcse Coursework

  1. Okay so i have to write an english speech and read it as part of my gcse, and i am not too confident on it at the moment. The title is 'if i ruled the world' and it isnt quite finished yet but i wanted to know your opinions! 3 topics are lying, borders and languages!

    If I Ruled The World….

    ‘If I ruled the world’ is a big statement, many people over history have tried to rule the world, tried to rule over everyone and never seemed to get it right. If I ruled the world, I would want to be the one that got it right.

    If I ruled the world, the very first thing I would do is get rid of lying. Lying is being dishonest. People sometimes call some lies ‘little white lies’ but there is no such thing as a little lie, they are all just lies. Lying can stop arguments as people are trying to stop other peoples feelings from being hurt, but if you think that that dress does not suit your friend, other people are more likely to share that opinion meaning that lots of people will be thinking ‘why is she wearing that’, if you wouldn’t have lied, she wouldn’t be unintentionally embarrassing herself. Lying causes arguments between people, if everyone spoke their true opinion then the world could move on at a steady pace with me ruling it whilst trying to please as many people as I can. Lying would stop controversy, there would be no need for courts or solicitors as people would have to tell the truth so less people would commit crimes as they know they cant hide away from the punishment as they aren’t allowed to lie, getting rid of lying would make the world a better place and a more honest place. Lying would help stop wars and people could talk about things honestly and then it would result in to an armistice that both countries agree on fully, lying is the foundation for all violence, if no-one lied, people could just speak their opinion properly rather than hiding away from the truth.

    If I ruled the world, I would get rid of borders and country boundaries. Countries cause extreme nationalism, racism and also discrimination. The 7 continents would be kept the same to keep some sort of structure; however the country borders would be gone. There would still be cities and towns to make sure communities still keep their identities. It would also give a chance for people to experience different cultures, there would be diversity and maybe learn something they didn’t know, it would be enlightening for many people By getting rid of all the countries and borders, there would be less wars as there aren’t as many people to fall out with and old enemies would now be united so wouldn’t want to cause a civil war. Racism and discrimination are huge issues that I would want to get rid of, by removing all borders, these issues would hopefully disappear as it would be like being horrible to someone in your own area, and people would gain respect for others as everyone would be united in to one. There is a slight issue with languages, but my final challenge would be to ry and get everyone in the population to be mutli-lingual. Now this seems like a very tough challenge, but to start off with, everyone already knows at least the basis of one language! I think my creating schemes for people to learn new languages, and making all schools educate children from a very early age at least 2 more languages, will help create a better sense of everyone being united and for everyone not to be separated in to countries, but they are all one. Learning extra languages is also proved to help improve your own language and will be useful in schools! Languages are normally seen as a barrier for communication, but by learning languages from an early age, and teaching them to everyone now, the next generations will be fluent and will have no restrictions with languages, it will create a more diverse population that can start to understand truly about other peoples cultures!


  2. Can I use this topic for mine and your idea about the borderlines I thought it was really good and I'm kinda struggling for ideas

© Jess Hurd/Amnesty

As world ruler, I would set up human rights education in every school, in every part of the world. And of course if I ruled the world every girl would go to school. I accept that, even with these powers, I can’t just wave a magic wand: change on this scale would take a few generations. It’s about more than sitting in a classroom and memorising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It requires an environment that instils respect between teachers and pupils and is free from all forms of discrimination. Human rights mean learning not just how everybody else should be, but also about how you might be, in order to make the world a fairer, safer place.

Violence against women is endemic in so many different parts of the world. Every time I see another case, or launch a new campaign, I always think that this behaviour takes root at such a young age in both boys and girls through stereotyping, poor expectations and lack of access to education.

A year ago, I was in Sierra Leone, where they are now struggling with the horror of Ebola. The work we were doing focused on teaching women in villages their rights and how to apply them in relationships. We made a film documenting the impact of our work in one particular village. There, in cases of domestic abuse, the women now gather and go to the household where it is happening. They sit the man down and explain the damage he is doing, not only to his wife but to himself and to his children. They warn they will report him to the authorities if the violence does not stop. In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal, Amnesty became involved in the shocking case of Beatriz, a 22-year-old girl whose life was at risk due to complications with her pregnancy and where the foetus would not have survived past birth. We ran a successful campaign and she received life-saving treatment. Now, girls in the schools where we campaigned are aware of the need for better access to abortion.


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