Hyderabad International Convention Centre Case Study



Hyderabad International Convention Centre



)is managed by Accor Hospitality andjointly owned by Emaar roperties !SC "ubai and And#ra rades# Industrial In$rastructure Corporation %td& '#e Convention Centre is ideally located in Hyderabads I' #ub and business district o$$ering state o$ t#e art e#ibition* meeting and convention services&HICC is t#e $irst purpose built and state+o$+t#e+art convention $acility* t#e $irst o$ its ,ind in Sout# Asia& It is an integrated -.1*000 s/uare $oot (-*000 m) $acility wit# a -2+room+capacity

 business hotel

* 3ovotel Hyderabad* covering 14 acres (5 #a)& '#is air+conditioned center can be con$igured to increase seating capacity to about 5*400&It #as an

internal hall


6,480 square meters

* w#ic# can be



six smaller halls

& '#e


 $oyer area itsel$ eceeds

6400 sqm

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