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Students can now find out the grade boundaries for their exams

In order to minimise students’ stress and anxiety, the exam boards did not publish the A-level grade boundaries until results day.

Grade boundaries are usually published online before results day, but this year they were sent straight to schools and colleges.  

Michael Turner, director general of the Joint Council for Qualifications, said: “We have taken this decision to stop any unnecessary student concern or anxiety the day before they receive their results.”

Now that A-level results have come out, students can look up the grade boundaries to see how far off a higher grade they were. 

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What are A-level grade boundaries 2017?

Grade boundaries are used to show the minimum number of marks that are required for each grade.  

These boundaries change year-on-year depending on how well the student population performs on a whole. 

If an exam paper was particularly difficult, the grade boundaries will be lowered so that more students can get the top grades. 

A-level results day 2017: Frequently asked questions

Wed, August 16, 2017

Common A-level results day questions answered by The Student Room.

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A-level results day 2017: Frequently asked questions


Grade boundaries are lowered if the student populous performs poorly as a whole

But if an exam is seen as easier, the grade boundaries could be raised. Grade boundaries can even vary within a single exam board. 

For example, a student who studied OCR Biological Processes this year will need to get a score of 67 out of 100 to get an A*. 

But someone studying OCR Modelling Physics has to get 81 out of 100 to earn the same grade. 

Students graduating this summer were the first to face the new linear A-levels, which were introduced by former Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The new A-levels are designed to make it harder for students to get As and A*s.

Butt has been reported that grade boundaries have had to be lowered across the board to ensure enough students get a pass. 

What are the A-level grade boundaries 2017?

You can visit the webpages below to find the 2017 grade boundaries for OCR, Edexcel, Pearson, CCEA and AQA. 

OCR - www.ocr.org.uk/administration/stage-4-results/grade-boundaries/

Edexcel/Pearson - qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/support-topics/results-certification/grade-boundaries.html

AQA - www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/results-days/grade-boundaries-and-ums

CCEA - ccea.org.uk/qualifications/adminhelp/post_results_faq/grade_boundaries

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  1. hi,. im currently doing an a2 ict coursework(AQA),. and im stucked at idntifying constraints imposed by the organisation.
    i was asked by my client to create an electronic employment form(application form),.
    btw my client is a manager in a store where they sell ink cartrdiges for fax,printers etc,..

    im clueless on what to write so if anyone has an idea can u pls share it im really desperate, deadline is 4days from now,..

  2. I taught this last year. This is the advice I gave my students. Hope this gives you some ideas.

    2.1.2 Internal Constraints

    In this section you need to set out any internal constraints.
    An internal constraint is something that can limit your ability to complete the project, but is something that you may have some control over.

    o Do you have particular software or hardware that you have to use and why? Perhaps the organisation has already licensed certain software and don’t want to buy other software or perhaps all their staff is already skilled in the software they specified.
    o Do you have a budget to work to? There may be only a limited amount of money to complete the work.
    o Do you have particular timescales in which to complete the work? For example, a till system would have to be complete by the date the shop opened.
    o Staff may have skills in particular software so you have to use that software to produce the solution.
    o You only have a certain number of staff available to you to complete the work.
    o Are there any particular procedures or ways of doing things within the organisation that you have to comply with?
    o Do you have any existing legacy systems that you have to integrate with?

    2.1.3 External Constraints

    In this section you need to set out any external constraints.
    An external constraint is something that is outside of the business and that you may have no control over.

    o Your work may be required to be compliant with acts of law such as the Data Protection Act, Copyright and Patents Act and Disability Discrimination Act. You could explain what parts of your system need to comply with these laws and in what way.
    o You may have to wait for delivery/installation of something at some point in your plan. If that is delayed the project will be delayed. E.g. in a building project, the installation of the roof would be critical as inside work could not start until this is completed.
    o Are there any external systems that you need to exchange data with in a particular format?

    Things to consider for both internal and external constraints are:

    o Hardware
    o Software
    o Communication technologies
    o The format of information requirements
    o Finances
    o Staffing
    o Environmental factors

  3. now i have something to start with ,..thanks very much sir,. it helped a lot,...

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