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Below is a professionally written biomedical science personal statement, that you can use as a guide to write your own. You are advised not to copy it word for word.

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"I want to study this subject because to me it’s an exciting and rapidly-moving subject area, that is highly relevant to major issues facing society today. I am keen to learn about, and be involved in the latest advances in medical research, and on top of this I find this subject to be a challenging, rewarding and inspiring topic.

I am a creative person who already has significant technical knowledge of the biomedical science sector, and possess the specialist expertise, understanding and skills required to properly understand it. As a individual I am not easily put off by constraints, and believe that once you set your heart on something you will be surprised how many supposed problems or insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. I am a reliable, self motivated and trustworthy person who is able to work methodically, efficiently and accurately, and is quick to learn and comprehend. Being physically fit, I am able to stand for long periods of time, and capable of intense periods of concentration. I can also be flexible when performing multiple tasks, and possess a strong understanding of the inter-relationship between practice and theory. I also consider myself to be a excellent communicator, who can identify, select, organise and communicate information concisely.

To gain practical experience in this field, over the summer months I got a temporary job as a laboratory technician in a local hospital. Although not directly involved in any medical activities, I was part of a team that analysed potentially infectious samples using a range of highly specialised laboratory procedures. My duties included ensuring the efficient use and maintenance of resources, this meant I had to be aware of stock levels and rotation, storage conditions, batch numbers and expiry dates. Other duties included matching samples with request forms and inputting patient and test information into the laboratory computer system, a task which required complete accuracy. I learnt how to plan, conduct and evaluate experiments, comply with health and safety regulations, and research and interpret scientific literature. My communication skills also improved, as I had to relay information to other healthcare professionals, patients and their representatives, as well as visitors to the laboratory.

My college experience was a part of a transformation from youth to young adulthood. Disciplining myself to study was never a problem for me, and as can be seen from my application, I earned excellent grades. Most of the subjects I studied were based around the medical field, and I learnt about human physiology, cellular biology, human health and disease, cellular processes and microbiology.

Your university is a recognised centre for biomedical research and teaching. I firmly believe that studying at your institution will give me the firm foundation that I will need for the future. On a recent visit there I was impressed by its outstanding library and a purpose-built teaching centre that houses modern computing and laboratory facilities. My investigations into also revealed that although your programmes are generally vocational in nature, they do have strong links with local industries and hospitals, which I think is vital for gaining practical hands on experience."

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Biomedical Science Personal Statement Examples and Tips

In order to successfully qualify for a biomedical science degree, you may need to produce a personal statement for masters in biomedical science. Statement of purpose biomedical science examples provide a valuable template and guidance to individuals writing their personal statements. With personal statement biomedical science, you are able to gain valuable insight, which you may not easily get by just reading a manual. We provide examples which you can follow and use as guide as you write a personal statement. In addition, we also provide customized personal statement for masters in biomedical science. Here is a short example for your perusal.

Biomedical Science Personal Statement Tips

Review all information regarding the program that you are applying to in biomedical science to ensure that you have a full understanding of the skills and other attributes that they are looking for from their students.

Match their requirements to your specific skills so that you can show that you are a good match to their requirements.

Ensure that you are prepared to fully cover the questions that they will want answered within their personal statement:

  • Why do you want to study biomedical science?
  • What have you already done to pursue your interests?
  • How are you qualified to complete this program?
  • What are your career goals once you have finished this program?
  • Do you have specific reasons for applying to this biomedical program?

Keep within the word count that they are asking for; typically you will be asked for a single page of writing although you do need to check the specific requirements of the program that you are applying to.

Be very concise in your writing; do not use more words than you need to when making your points. Also avoid stating the obvious or repeating any information that you have already provided within your application. Make every word of your statement count.

Be completely relevant; this is a personal statement about you and your desire to study biomedical science. So if what you want to write is not about you or does not forward that aim then it does not belong in your statement.

The language that you use must be appropriate; never use slang or acronyms as they may not be understood by the reader. Also do not try to be clever by using unusual words that you have sourced from your thesaurus but would never use in every day speech.

Never use clichés; opening with “Ever since I was a young child..” is guaranteed to lose the reader right from the start.

Be honest; never lie or even exaggerate anything as it will be discovered at some point.

Avoid any writing errors; proofread your work very carefully or even better; have another proofread your work for you.

Find more biomedical science samples here:

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Biomedical Science Personal Statement

I have always been interested in human body and intrigued how the complex and diverse mechanisms of the human body work in concert to enable an individual function effectively and efficiently. From simple cells combining together to form tissues, organs and the entire human body, it is truly a marvel of nature that such a complex mechanism and being exists. And my goal is to understand it to the fullest of my capacity. I believe that being able to pursue a career in biomedical science will help me greatly in reaching this goal.

I have always been fascinated with biology and its various applications, especially in the human body. Pursuing a degree in biomedical science will help me fulfill these interests while at the same time, I will be able to enhance my potential and skills in both science and engineering. As a student, I’ve always given keen interest to my various science subjects. I have continued to exert effort in my science subjects as these subjects interest me greatly. Being interested in the human body and in science, I believe that this is a great advantage in pursuing a degree in biomedical science. I am equipped with the basic necessary skills to be able to strive and perform well in this field. Moreover, I have the burning passion to pursue this degree, being inspired by various scientists and having the perseverance and the thirst to learn more about these subjects that interest me.

I believe that pursuing a degree in biomedical science is the only way to go for me. I have never found another opportunity and field to be able to balance both my interests and my passion. I have the skill and the knowledge required and I know that I am capable of performing excellently in this field. I look forward to studying and pursuing a degree in biomedical science in your university. Being accepted means that I will be able to pursue my dream while at the same time serving out my passion.

Personal Statement Examples Biomedical Science

While biomedical science personal statement examples are a great help, we also provide custom biomedical personal statement examples to ensure that you will get a personalized and customized personal statement like no other. You will get the highest quality of work while at the same time ensuring that your personal touch is not lost in these personal statements.

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